Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hola mi familia y amigos!
haha that is probably not even real spanish! But hello everyone! I have so much to tell you all this week but I am short on time so we will see how it goes! 
This week my companion and I received our TRC investigator. I'm not sure what TRC stands for but pretty much it is someone hired by the MTC to be an investigator. Some are actual investigators but some aren't and you have no idea which is which and they refuse to tell you. Anyways our TRC was Leah. She is so great! I love her to death! But to be honest, our first two meetings with her I walked out crying. She is very firm in her beliefs and isn't scared to tell you what she thinks. I didn't want to go back for our third lesson and considered pretending I was sick so I wouldn't have to go back haha. The third lesson was incredible! The spirit in that room was undeniable and not even Leah could say otherwise! I wish I could go into more detail but I love her and we had some pretty incredible spiritual experiences together! In our last meeting with Leah, she gave my companion and I a bent nail. She told us that the nail represented her. The nail was bent because we/she are not perfect. She continued by saying that when missionaries come in to teach her, she felt like they were trying to shove their beliefs down her throat and into her head and that was like hitting the bent nail on the head, which as we all know will just bend it more. Then she said that when we came to visit with her, she felt like we were patting her on the back and being real with her, which means that instead of hitting the nail on the head, we were tapping it on the bend and making it a little straighter. She said that we had helped her to come to know God better and to trust in Him more! I felt the spirit so strongly! It was awesome! I just wish I could tell the whole story! When I get home I will tell you all about Leah! I love her! Even though she made me cry! Anyways next on the agenda for this e-mail is a HILARIOUS story!!! So on Monday we as a district were sitting in class and all of the sudden, one of our Elders totally rips one! We tried so hard not to laugh, but when I looked over at Sister Frederick and busted up! We laughed so hard! Then to make it even better, we were talking about stress that day in class and at the end of the lesson Brother Roberts says "Sometimes you just need to release some gas" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!!That started the laughing all over again!! Then, when he realized what he had done bro roberts said, its ok elder, it gets the best of us! haahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahaha! I just can't contain myself when I think about it! I love my district, teachers and just everything about this place (minus the food). I hope that you all had a great Easter weekend and that you remember what Easter is really about!
I am out of time but I hope you all enjoy that story! I love the MTC and General Conference was awesome! If you didnt watch it, go do it NOW. 
I love you all! Talk to you next week!!!
Sister Draney #2